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Ninja Tabi Boots

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Sneak silently through the night with the “Tabi shoes” for ninja. These special shoes are based on traditional ninja clothing and make your look perfect. The “Tabi Shoes” are incredibly light and have a thin, flexible sole, which can almost give you a barefoot feeling. The “tabs” can be opened and closed, and the width can be adjusted using a hook and loop fastener on the rear shaft. The divided toe area with the single big toe is characteristic of “Tabi shoes”. The “Tabis” stand out as fabric shoes with pleasant wearing comfort. The quiet treads are also very popular in winter training when the dojo floor is uncomfortably cold.

Additional advantages:

  • special shoes for ninja
  • typical toe separation
  • hook and loop fastener
  • non-slip




Come on quietly – “Tabi Shoes” by Hayashi.

Ninjas often move in the shadow of the night to remain undetected. Obviously, they can’t walk around with wooden clogs. The “Tabi Shoes” have always been part of the ninja’s standard equipment and ensure silent mobility for martial artists. Nevertheless, the fabric shoes offer an excellent stand, which is also due to the specially designed toe area. The “Tabi shoes” can be individually adapted to your foot shape using the durable hook and loop fastener on the shaft.

“Tabi shoes” offer security at every turn.

With the Hayashi “Tabi shoes” you complete your ninja outfit. Except for the flexible sole, the shoes are entirely black and let you melt with the darkness of the night. But even in the illuminated dojo, the boots are a must for realistic practice sessions. In addition to their protection and stabilization support, the “Tabi Shoes” are characterized by ideal heat output, especially in winter.

Walking barefoot is better.

Find your way back to a natural gait by taking the time to walk barefoot again. Wherever this is not so easy, barefoot or “Tabi shoes” are an intelligent alternative. Without solid shoes on your feet, you train your body holistically – muscles, ligaments, and tendons that are otherwise atrophied are encouraged. Your health and performance will improve, and malpositions can be corrected.

Bring your feet in top shape in the Hayashi “Tabi shoes” from the Budoland online shop.

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