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MMA gloves “Octagon”

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With the Ultimate Fight Gloves “Octagon” you have everything under control in the cage. The gloves with finger attachment ensure a perfect sensitivity to the fingertips. Especially handholds can be set exactly with the “Octagon”, an important aspect in the energy-exhausting ground combat. But also their punch performance can be proud of thanks to the innovative Evoflex foam and gel poster. The division of the padding on the outer hand not only gives the “Octagon” MMA gloves the anatomical shaping but also ensures the mobility of the entire hand. TOP TEN has developed these Ultimate Fight Gloves as an all-rounder and makes them available in 3 color variants and 4 sizes. The durable synthetic leather, the “Octagon” is robust against external influences and promise with the lining of sweat-wicking Jayzee Tek optimal wearing comfort.

Other advantages:

  • art Leather Gloves
  • a cushioning system with foam pad + gel
  • extremely light
  • skin-friendly lining

From amateur to professional – best security with the MMA gloves “Octagon”.

Cage fights are still very controversial, at least in Germany. But since 2009 for the amateur sector, a uniform set of rules (International Rules of MMA) applies – the voices of the critics are silent. Not everything is allowed, although MMA is certainly one of the toughest martial arts in the world. For professionals and amateurs wearing protective equipment. While gloves, as well as a mouth and abdomen protection, are prescribed for all, the amateurs also have head protection and shin guards. The “Octagon” Ultimate Fight gloves meet the tough requirements of the cage – but still, bring the freedom it takes to make the transition of each technique quickly and accurately.

Imitation leather shows its strength.

TOP TEN relies on strong materials, which is why the choice of high-quality synthetic leather in the MMA gloves “Octagon” was not difficult. The smooth surface is easy to clean and insensitive to force. Considering the careful use of natural resources, the use of imitation leather is an important TOP TEN contribution to active animal welfare. Colors and pressure on the 3 different design variants are also based on the basic idea of sustainability.

MMA a sport with roots in ancient times.

Anyone who thinks that MMA is a modern-day phenomenon is mistaken. Pankration, a forerunner of today’s MMA, was already very popular in ancient Greece. As an all-fight-system, it was already very spectacular. Also in today’s MMA is the use of various elements of BJJ, Judo, Muay Thai and more, is the most attractive for the athletes.

Experience the thrill of the Ultimate Fight with the best protective equipment from TOP TEN and the gloves “Octagon”. Order here in the online shop.


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