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Kung Fu Sword “DAO” – lacquered wood

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A sharp look and yet wholly harmless is the “DAO” made of lacquered wood. The saber is made of sturdy hardwood and has the typical shape with a blade widened towards the front. Due to the deceptively real paintwork, the “DAO” is indistinguishable from a real saber at first glance, which is why the sword is particularly popular for demo presentations and live performances. There is the classic division into grip and cutting surface, which are separated by a finger guard. The Kung Fu sword “DAO” is a training weapon made of wood and not approved for contact sports.

Additional advantages:

  • traditional saber shape
  • sturdy hardwood
  • abrasion-resistant paint
  • high-quality workmanship




Deceptively real! The history of wooden weapons.

Who would like to take the full risk in training? In the early days of sword fighting and co., Weapons made of wood were used for training purposes. These were not only much cheaper back then but were also considered to be a guarantee for the integrity of the practitioners. With a deceptively real look like the “DAO” sword, the real sword fight feeling comes up all by itself – even without direct contact with the partner.

Demonstrate your skills with the “DAO” wooden sword.

The sword is also often seen as the fighter’s extended arm. Especially when training forms, good body tension, and perfect harmony with the demo weapon are essential. The guiding hand and the sword should merge like a unit, and the movements should be carried out fluently. The “DAO” has a balanced weight distribution and is extremely easy to grip.

Always at a distance with the “DAO.”

The “DAO” sword made from red oak is not made for contact sports. Ensure you keep enough space so that you can’t injure anyone or knock the blades against each other. Despite the breaking strength, splintering can lead to unwanted injuries.

Don’t be fooled, and get yourself a safe training weapon for Kung Fu, Wu Shu, or Tai Chi and order your lacquered “DAO” Kung Fu sword right here in the Budoland online shop.

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