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Grappling gloves “Krav Maga”

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Being able to grab your feet and still feel the protection of professional boxing gloves – with the grappling gloves “Krav Maga” from TOP TEN. The training gloves specially developed for ground combat give the fingers plenty of leeways to practice a wide variety of grip techniques and still protect against painful injuries. The non-slip and breathable material on the palm is made of synthetic leather to complement the strong outer hand. Thanks to the finger guidance, you can form a natural hitting hand without any effort and without losing grip. The simple design on the black “Krav Maga” grappling gloves gives your safety equipment a clear and timeless character. The size is shown in S-M and L-XL and can be selected according to your usual clothing size.

Additional advantages:

  • for partner and equipment training
  • open finger guide
  • simple design
  • robust material selection



Do the rest with the “Krav Maga” grappling gloves from TOP TEN.

On the ground, you get everything out of yourself and make your partner incapacitated. TOP TEN has developed unique “Krav Maga” grappling gloves so that this happens without severe injuries during training. The fingers are on the back of the hand, well protected by cushioning padding in guide tabs so that you can grab your hands unhindered. The hook and loop fastener also stabilizes the sensitive wrist area and ensures that your “Krav Maga” sits securely.

Self-defense has to be learned.

Taking away inhibitions and strengthening self-confidence is part of every Krav Maga training. Anyone who embarks on an experiment with their own body and the potential for aggression it contains will discover their martial arts in Krav Maga. To practice the unique techniques without injuring yourself or others, you should definitely pay attention to suitable safety equipment. The double sizes of the “Krav Maga” grappling gloves make them ideal for group lessons. The robust material can withstand simple cleaning as well as frequent disinfection.

Take your security into your own hands.

Contact combat like Krav Maga requires a vast repertoire of different techniques from the athlete. Since all means can be used for self-defense, a high degree of caution and respect is necessary for training. Protective equipment should protect not only you but also your training partner from unwanted injuries. Therefore, always ensure that you have closed your gloves tightly and that your fingers are in the guide loops.

Don’t leave anything to chance during training and ensure the necessary safety with the TOP TEN “Krav Maga” grappling gloves from the Budoland online shop.

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