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Eagle Catcher

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With the grip of a bird of prey, you drive your opponents to despair. The Eagle Catcher from the Budoland online shop is your professional tool for strength and endurance right down to your fingertips. The training device’s use is amazingly easy: Simply grab the upper 4 hooks with your fingers, the thumb grabs the individual, lower hook. Now bring the ends of your fingers to the palm of your hand and form a claw. The metal springs offer constant resistance and require full effort in the hands. Short interval exercises of a few seconds of tension are enough to leave noticeable consequences. Due to its handy format, the Eagle Catcher is ideal for training sessions in the home gym or the go.

Additional advantages:

  • trains grip strength
  • home training
  • robust design
  • can be used across all sports



Grab your sporting success with the Eagle Catcher.

Many martial arts styles require holistic body awareness. Nevertheless, it offers advantages to train individual parts of the body specifically. Our hands come up short in strength building in many exercises – the Eagle Catcher is now changing that. Fingers and thumbs have an excellent grip via its grip system and can be stressed in detail via the resistance. If the claw grip is overwhelming at the beginning, you can start with individual finger exercises.

Efficient home training with the Eagle Catcher.

Once again, no chance of a round in the gym or your sports club? Just reach for the Eagle Catcher at home and do a relaxing training session on the couch. This tool is specially designed for athletes with increased grip strength and can be used practically anywhere. The Eagle Catcher is enthusiastic about bouldering, sport climbing, and gymnastics in addition to martial arts styles. Even handball and hockey players rely on the Eagle Catcher for more grip.

Take happiness into your own hands.

Stress relieves. Now find the way to your personal happiness by simply working off stress. The Eagle Catcher lets your energy flow in profitable channels and supports the development of strengthened hand and forearm muscles.

You stay fit to your fingertips with the Eagle Catcher from the Budoland online shop.

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