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  • Ankle guard

    12,99 incl.btw

    Elastic bandage to support the ankle.>

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  • Backpack-Sportsbag-Dufflebag combination

    59,9969,99 incl.btw

    Multi functional Sportbag/backpack combo with coloured MegaZip closure.
    Innovative and practical in its dual function, both backpack that gym bag, label TOP TEN printed. Double shoulder cushion on bottom.>

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  • Backpack-Sportsbag-Dufflebag combination “Grey”

    59,9969,99 incl.btw

    Additional advantages:

    robust polyester fabric

    lots of storage space

    intelligent compartment division

    timeless design in gray melange


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  • Backpack-Sportsbag-Dufflebag combination “Hexagon”

    59,9969,99 incl.btw

    Additional advantages:

    large storage volume

    dirt and water repellent fabric

    two side pockets with mesh insert

    3 in 1 carrying system


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  • Boxing boots

    44,79 incl.btw

    Get in top form in TOP TEN boxing boots. The half-high lace-up shoes are real all-round talents and give you the best grip on different surfaces. With a mix of nylon and genuine leather applications, the TOP TEN boots are designed for durability. A compressed EVA wedge in the heel area supports the natural rolling process and ensures optimal cushioning. The sole is made non-slip, and a reinforcement additionally protects the sensitive toe area. Mesh inserts on the tongue and shaft ensure a pleasant climate in your boxing shoes. You can adjust your TOP TEN boxing boots individually to your feet using the lacing.

    Additional advantages:

    • non-slip sole
    • functional material mix
    • breathable upper
    • compressed foam wedge in the heel area


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  • Boxing Boots “Black Star”

    59,4984,99 incl.btw

    A precise fit and bright design are the characteristics of the TOP TEN boxing boots, “Black Star.” The sporty facade of the lace-up boots hides breathable comfort and an excellent stabilization system. An additional hook and loop strap in the midfoot area holds it securely. The airy material combination of light mesh and robust synthetic leather applications make the “Black Star” long-lasting companions. The specially crafted sole ensures a non-slip surface on the floor, so you have excellent traction on the mat or the ring floor. A reinforcement protects the sensitive toe area. For more combination pleasure, you get the “Black Star” boxing boots with two pairs of laces (black and green).

    Additional advantages:

    • exceptionally light boots
    • best ground traction
    • additional hook and loop fastener
    • 2 pairs of laces


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  • Boxing Boots “ShortCut”

    55,9979,99 incl.btw

    You climb into the ring like a professional with the TOP TEN boxing boots “ShortCut.” The half-high lace-up boots are particularly light and flexible so that they adapt perfectly to your foot shape. An exclusive anti-slip sole provides sufficient floor traction and supports a great start. The use of mesh material also makes the “ShortCut” shoes easy to wear barefoot, as it ensures a perfect foot climate inside. The flat lacing, of either red or black shoelaces, is part of the TOP TEN safety concept. Also, the ends are covered by the stabilizing hook and loop fastener in the ankle area. Applications made of synthetic leather and the graphic design complete the coherent overall concept of the “ShortCut” boxing boots by TOP TEN.

    Additional advantages:

    • half-high cut
    • stabilizing Velcro fastener
    • applications made of synthetic leather
    • red and black shoelaces


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  • Boxing Gloves “2colour”

    29,9932,99 incl.btw

    PU/PVC artificial leather, lined with smooth and water repellent 100% polyester satin, thumb lock for safety and protection.>

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  • Boxing Gloves “AIBA”

    109,99 incl.btw

    TOP TEN competition boxing gloves 10 oz, are the official boxing equipment glove of 3 Olympic Games. During the Games in 1992 at Barcelona, in 1996 at Atlanta and again at the 2000 Sydney Olympics …>

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  • Boxing Gloves “Blue Ocean”

    27,9939,99 incl.btw

    Other advantages:

    robust nubuck II synthetic leather cover

    preformed padding

    abrasion-resistant design

    skin-friendly inner fabric


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  • Boxing Gloves “Economy R2M Line”

    36,99 incl.btw

    TOP TEN Basic Gloves 10 Oz with strap velcro closure. Made of durable Rexion artificial leather. Ideal for beginners.>

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  • Boxing Gloves “Mixfight Gorilla XLP”

    69,9972,79 incl.btw

    Made of genuine leather, inner lining made of washable taffeta nylon taffeta, better stability thanks to the optimized thumb guidance with ribbon, and for optimal ventilation a mesh insert in the inner hand.>

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  • Boxing Gloves “Mixfight Gorilla” WCS

    54,99 incl.btw

    Boxing gloves with Wrist Control System”, where an especially preformed cuff particularly supports and protects your wrist.”>

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  • Boxing Gloves “NK II”

    34,9539,99 incl.btw

    TOP TEN gloves with strap velcro closure, made of 100% PU hi-tec artificial leather NubukII”. Ideal for beginners.”>

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  • Boxing Gloves “R2M 2016”

    27,74 incl.btw

    TOP TEN fitness & beginner Gloves 10 Oz with strap velcro closure. Made of durable Rexion artificial leather.>

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  • Boxing Gloves “Rallye”

    31,4944,99 incl.btw

    Padded bar for extra grip! Hi-compression IMF moulded foam padding. Wrist velcro strap!>

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