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  • Backpack „Tokyo 2020“

    34,99 incl.btw

    Additional advantages:

    • abrasion-resistant colors and print motifs
    • water and dirt repellent
    • adjustable back straps
    • subdivided main subject


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  • Boxing Gloves “Stripe”

    45,99 incl.btw

    Padded bar for extra grip! Filled with our proven PPS foam padding. Wrist velcro strap!>

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  • Green Karate-Gi “Premium Kumite” (WKF approved)

    139,99164,99 incl.btw

    Additional advantages:

    70% recycled polyester material

    pleasant fabric structure

    mesh inserts for climate control

    kick step

    WKF approved label


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  • Karate Gi “Air Deluxe”

    159,99 incl.btw

    Additional advantages

    sporty fit

    optimal air circulation

    functional fabric with mesh

    shortened hem of the jacket

    WKF approved


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  • Karate-Gi “Bunkai 2.0” (WKF approved)

    189,95 incl.btw

    Additional advantages:

    robust material mix

    worked to a high standard

    wrap jacket

    lace-up trousers

    WKF approved label


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  • Karate-Gi “Bunkai” (WKF approved)

    169,00 incl.btw

    Additional advantages:

    functional cotton blend

    multi-stitched seams

    traditional cut

    high-quality Hayashi embroidery elements


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  • Kickbox-Shorts “STAR”

    59,99 incl.btw

    Additional advantages:

    TOP TEN “Star” design

    functional polyester material

    wide mesh inserts

    a wide range of colors and sizes


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  • Kickboxing pants

    27,9941,99 incl.btw

    Other advantages:

    long fit

    color variants to choose from

    polyester fabric with a slight sheen

    machine wash


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  • Kicks “Check” foot protector, foot gear

    54,99 incl.btw

    TOP TEN Kicks, padding is made of super shock absorbent Bayfill® to protect against instep and ankle injuries. Covered in durable Rexion artificial leather>

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  • Kicks, foot protector

    39,99 incl.btw

    Other advantages:

    perfect shaping

    robust outer shell

    high-security performance

    ideal stability


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  • MMA gloves “Octagon”

    Oorspronkelijke prijs was: €49,99.Huidige prijs is: €29,99. incl.btw

    Remaining stock with limited quantity.

    With the Ultimate Fight Gloves “Octagon” you have everything under control in the cage. The gloves with finger attachment ensure a perfect sensitivity to the fingertips. Especially handholds can be set exactly with the “Octagon”, an important aspect in the energy-exhausting ground combat. But also their punch performance can be proud of thanks to the innovative Evoflex foam and gel poster. The division of the padding on the outer hand not only gives the “Octagon” MMA gloves the anatomical shaping but also ensures the mobility of the entire hand. TOP TEN has developed these Ultimate Fight Gloves as an all-rounder and makes them available in 3 color variants and 4 sizes. The durable synthetic leather, the “Octagon” is robust against external influences and promise with the lining of sweat-wicking Jayzee Tek optimal wearing comfort.

    Other advantages:

    • art Leather Gloves
    • a cushioning system with foam pad + gel
    • extremely light
    • skin-friendly lining
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  • MMA-Shorts “Samurai I”

    19,9032,73 incl.btw

    Take yourself to a new level of comfort with the “Samurai I” shorts from the TOP TEN MMA collection. With their ultra-light functional fabric, the shorts wear like a hint of nothing on the skin and impress with an incomparable look. The movement-friendly cut of the “Samurai I” is fully designed for the needs of martial arts. The side slits and straight leg guidance are also very typical of this. With the “Samurai I,” two hook and loop fasteners ensure a perfect hold. One replaces a risky zipper, and the other is in the middle of the waistband. The width of the shorts can be adjusted via the hidden drawstring in the inner waistband.

    Additional advantages:

    • breathable functional fabric
    • sublimation printing
    • individual width adjustment
    • practical inner pocket


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  • MMA-Shorts “Samurai”

    29,9559,99 incl.btw

    Additional advantages:

    short fit

    fast drying


    internal pocket


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  • MMA-Shorts “Triangle”

    32,9946,19 incl.btw

    You are always one step ahead of your opponent with the “Triangle” MMA shorts by TOP TEN. With its mix of materials, it merely follows every movement and is your perfect training buddy when things get hot again. The proportion of elastane in the material leads to a pleasant stretch effect. At the same time, the dry-fit polyester quickly dissipates sweat to the outside, thus ensuring the “Triangle” is not chafed. In design, too, the TOP TEN MMA shorts are a real highlight among your sports clothes. The pure basic tone in black or white is spiced up by the graphic elements and the well-known TOP TEN company print so that the pants become an eye-catcher in the octagon.

    Additional advantages:

    • functional material mix
    • quick drying & breathable
    • practical inner pocket
    • double locking system


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  • Pointfighter

    41,99 incl.btw

    Additional Information:

    available in many sizes

    4 color designs to choose from

    available with WAKO label on request

    robust synthetic leather cover


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  • T-Shirt, V-Neck for kickboxing “Kickboxing”

    23,0935,90 incl.btw

    Additional advantages:

    sporty V-neck

    woven TOP TEN structure

    lightweight functional fabric

    color selection

    effective climate management


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