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  • Battle rope 15 m

    189,00219,99 incl.btw

    Other advantages:

    ready for immediate use

    3 diameters to choose from

    15 meters in length

    robust synthetic fibers


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  • Boxing Gloves “R2M 2016”

    27,74 incl.btw

    TOP TEN fitness & beginner Gloves 10 Oz with strap velcro closure. Made of durable Rexion artificial leather.>

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  • Boxing gloves “RoundUP”

    104,99 incl.btw

    Additional advantages:

    wide range of weights from 8-18 ounces

    ergonomic cut

    dimensionally stable EVA padding

    stabilizing lacing system



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  • Freestanding Bag “Hybrid”

    449,00 incl.btw

    Additional advantages:

    training tool with 3 functions

    high-quality workmanship made in the EU

    perfect for martial arts, fitness, and youth training

    first-class material selection


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  • ITF shirt “Storm” with V-neck

    15,0029,99 incl.btw

    Modern Synthetic Fiber Print! Motif is transfered by sublimation, a high-quality printing process in which the paint is evaporated (sublimated) into the material. This printing is extremely resistant to environmental influences and UV radiation, while maintaining the breathability of functional clothing.>

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  • Jump Rope “Heavy Jumper”

    44,99 incl.btw

    Additional Information: length of 2.8 m diameter 3 cm weight 1.56 kg color black/yellow


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  • Kickboxing pants “Flame”

    29,39 incl.btw

    Other advantages:

    movement-friendly cut

    skin-friendly MP polyester

    two-tone design



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  • Kickboxing pants “Mesh”

    39,9941,99 incl.btw

    TOP TEN MESH Kids Kickboxing Pants made of light polyamid material. Stripes on pants are made of a strong net mesh material that allows air flow which keeps the body cool during action>

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  • Kickboxing pants “Stripes”

    41,99 incl.btw

    With the “Stripes” kickboxing pants from TOP TEN, you are guaranteed a cool appearance. The extremely light functional fabric made of resistant MP polyester fibers impresses with its cooling properties, even during hot training sessions. The “Stripes” sports pants can be perfectly adapted to your figure via the comfortable elastic waistband with drawstring and hold securely in place. The straight cut is optically enhanced by the color-contrasting block stripes and makes the trousers look very dynamic. To meet your sport’s requirements 100%, TOP TEN has equipped the “Stripes” with a wide crotch area. So nothing tears or pinches in these pants, even with high kicks and fast turns.

    Other advantages:

    • resistant functional fibers
    • woven TOP TEN fabric structure
    • elastic waistband
    • comfortable crotch area


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  • Kickboxing uniform “Future”

    89,99 incl.btw

    Modern, cool, trendy – just some of the attributes of the new TOP TEN kickboxing line. As expected from TOP TEN the fit is perfect and the quality Micro Super Soft” is second to none. 6 different color combinations.”>

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  • Kickboxing uniform “NEON Mesh”

    55,9979,99 incl.btw

    TOP TEN MESH Kickboxing Pants made of light polyamid material. Stripes on pants are made of a strong net mesh material that allows air flow which keeps the body cool during action>

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  • MMA-Shorts “Sunrise”

    35,99 incl.btw

    Superior quality shorts. These shorts are very comfortable to wear for both training and competing. Material 97% Dryfit polyester, 3% Elastic Spandex.>

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  • MMA-Shorts “Triangle”

    32,9946,19 incl.btw

    You are always one step ahead of your opponent with the “Triangle” MMA shorts by TOP TEN. With its mix of materials, it merely follows every movement and is your perfect training buddy when things get hot again. The proportion of elastane in the material leads to a pleasant stretch effect. At the same time, the dry-fit polyester quickly dissipates sweat to the outside, thus ensuring the “Triangle” is not chafed. In design, too, the TOP TEN MMA shorts are a real highlight among your sports clothes. The pure basic tone in black or white is spiced up by the graphic elements and the well-known TOP TEN company print so that the pants become an eye-catcher in the octagon.

    Additional advantages:

    • functional material mix
    • quick drying & breathable
    • practical inner pocket
    • double locking system


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  • Punching bag, Heavy Bag “Premium”

    179,99 incl.btw

    Other advantages:

    length: approx. 130 cm

    weight: approx. 41 kg (+/- 10%)

    diameter: max. 40 cm

    robust PU-outer material


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  • Punching bag, Heavy Bag “TOP TEN” (filled) – vintagebrown

    144,99219,99 incl.btw

    TOP TEN RETRO high quality heavy bag, filled with special pressed mixture.
    Dimensions: height 120 cm – diameter 33 cm – weight ca 40 Kg. Furnished with steel chains>

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  • Rash Guard – long sleeve

    20,6544,99 incl.btw

    Great combination of elastic spandex and stretch polyester that fits the torso perfectly and helps to protect against rash burns and mat scrapes during training.>

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